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Time management

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Time management


Post by eski » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:50 am

Next up for our pipeline is some way to organize our time per shot.
Before we have been using Excel to sign artists and track their time but when getting over 200 shots it's going to be hell.

Of course I would like to implement this straight into Generation, but we are starting this project in few weeks, don't think I will have time to code the whole thing.
So I have been looking at some Gantt programs and Excel templates along with other systems like http://www.dapulse.com to organize the whole mess, but none of them are quite working for me. Maybe it's just best to go with the big ones straight away and use ftrack or Shotgun.

What are you guys using?

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Re: Time management


Post by Midgardsormr » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:41 am

Our marvelous supervisor built a project management system with Filemaker Pro, but that's probably more heavy lifting than you want to do at this time.

You might look into Buckshot: https://plus.google.com/communities/107 ... 3278893770

Or you could try something like Freshbooks, which lets you set up projects and tasks and has a timer built-in. Here's a screenshot of how I use it (purely for my own record-keeping. It's redundant since the company keeps its own database, but this way I can always run reports on my own work without having to bother coordinators):
As you can see, I set up an episode of a show as a project, sequence/shot are tasks, and I use the notes field to keep track of the task type and version. It might work as a stop-gap while you're building or budgeting for a more appropriate solution. I've never used its team functionality; my understanding is that each team member would need their own account, and they can be invited on a project-level basis.
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Re: Time management


Post by nsf » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:54 am

we use this https://www.wrike.com

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Re: Time management


Post by theotheo » Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:09 pm

Here's how I do it, down to the minute, automatically.

Every action is associated with a shot, or development-shot/task. If you're doing anything in Nuke, Fusion or Houdini, the auto save tool I've build makes sure to save the file with the correct naming convention for the shot or task.

Then I got a small python script running the background as a sys process, grabs the current status of the active window/document. I then check the current mouse position against the last mouse position to see if I've been active. And some other data (cpu/mem usage) This is done every minute.
Every day is then stored as a CVS file that I can process later. Or more importantly, search for a specific string (shot) and figure out how much time have been spent on a certain task. Down to the minute. Couple of lines of python and a tiny bit of shell scripting. Lots of interesting metrics start to show up.

xprop, xdotool & top on linux.

But for keeping track of versions and managing projects, I would look at Ftrack or even (shrug) Shotgun.