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Studio Player ?

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Studio Player ?


Post by theotheo »

Anyone taken it for a serious spin ?

Its seems like a skeleton-generation, but promising.

I know nothing changed between 9 and 16, but curious if anyone have evaluated it.

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Re: Studio Player ?


Post by UserNoah »

I have tried to get into the Studio Player but haven't really found it very comfortable to use. A big part of that is that I have zero idea on how to use it.
I also haven't used Generation as that was dead before I really made my living with VFX so maybe I'm simply not used to it.

The things I like:
Very fast to play EXR. I haven't found another Software that can play big EXRs without needing some time to buffer and without any stuttering.
Drag and Drop Image sequences into the folders.

But the UI is really unfriendly to me. Notes are hidden behind very small buttons and several clicks, close them with a UI Button on the top right but then you have to go to the bottom left corner and click through 2 drop-down menus to open it again.
Some buttons don't do anything sometimes and I don't feel like they looked at other software to find out what people would expect or already know (kinda like the F16 UI).
Other things are, that Notes don't seem to have timestamps, you can't look at any other EXR channels besides RGB and A (should stay like that if that's why it's so fast), I haven't found a way to add a viewer LUT, I don't think there is anything to compare versions, no zoom into the clips, and it would be nice to open it without Fusion/ use it as a default Player for EXRs for example.
But for me, one of the biggest problems is, that I don't see a way to set a Project so it automatically adds new renders into the Studio Player/Bins. It would be great to not have to add every single clip into it but rather use the same folder structure you already have created.

But again, I have never used Generation (or any other Shot management Software so far, the few times I wasn't a freelancer and worked at a studio they either didn't use a shot management software or I didn't come into contact with it.) So I am probably not the input that you wanted as I have no idea of "what to expect" from such software and workflow. But I'd be very interested in how other people manage shots.

I am currently using Resolve for my management purposes. I am not completely happy with it (mostly because it isn't that good with EXR) but I can compare shots, use Markers to make notes for myself, and export it quickly to send to the client. I am sure I could add some automation to it with scripting but I am currently not sure what I would profit from the most. I like to look at other people's or companies' management of such things to get ideas as I know that I need to improve in that area. But I haven't really found the "one solution" that I feel comfortable in spending weeks to set up.

If Blackmagic decides to add functionality (and comfortability) to the Studio Player than I am more than willing to try it out.