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Fusion 9: camera focal length (ABC file)

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Fusion 9: camera focal length (ABC file)


Post by garuda » Fri May 22, 2020 1:46 pm

Hi there,

Is there any known issue importing an animated camera focal length from an Alembic file?
I'm trying with Alembic files from C4D and Blender but no matter what settings I try, the focal length animation is never carried over.
FBX is not working at all, several parts of the animation are missing, either the camera or the objects.

Any other way to import 3D data?

P.S. Also, it seems it's very unstable. It's prone to crash quite easily with Alembic files. Apparently the only way to prevent any crash is to remove any geometry and leave the camera only.

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Re: Fusion 9: camera focal length (ABC file)


Post by UserNoah » Fri May 22, 2020 10:54 pm

Yes fusion has issues importing this. I've personally dealt with that as well when importing from C4D . Essentially what you need to do is activate Expression on your field of view, which should be the same as in C4D (or focal length not 100% sure right now). This is only so it doesn't change later. Then you go into the Film Back and change that from height to width and the aspect to 1.77778 to 1 (if you're in 16:9).
Now your imported models should align with your render.

This is the same for an animated focal length you only have to manually set the FoV right on the first keyframe because you can't overwritte the animation with an expression.

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I just noticed there is another recent post about this here:

In case you need more information.