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Re Setting Global In on MediaIn doesn't shift Global Out like on Loader

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Setting Global In on MediaIn doesn't shift Global Out like on Loader


Post by Tory » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:15 pm

Fusion version:

OS and version:
Windows 10 / Mac 10.14

Additional relevant system info:

Description of the bug:
When setting the Global In field on a MediaIn node, the Global Out field remains unchanged and the Trim Out changes. This is different than the behavior of a Loader Node.

Severity (Trivial, Minor, Major, Critical)
Minor, However there are times when this becomes a Major headache, If you start your comp on a clip in the timeline your start frame count can be a large number. If you try to copy and paste to or from this set up your nodes are way out of range. This behavior makes it very hard to clean that up. If it worked like the loader it would be much faster and could be cleaned up on several nodes with a script.

Steps to reproduce:
add a MediaIn by dragging media in from the media pool, then type a number into the GlobalIn data field

Please, if possible, provide a Fusion setup to help demonstrate the behaviour, either as an attachment or between [code] tags: