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Archive composition bug

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:37 am
by nsf
Fusion version:

OS and version:

Additional relevant system info:

Description of the bug: [/i]
Archive composition script giving error since Fu8. In previous versions it always said Out of memory in 8.2 it say Unsuported key type!

Severity (Trivial, Minor, Major, Critical) Major
Steps to reproduce:
it does this for Free as for studio version on numerous workstations. (everytime)
Please, if possible, provide a Fusion setup to help demonstrate the behaviour, either as an attachment or between [code] tags:

Re: Archive composition bug  [FIXED]

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:28 pm
by SecondMan
Script has long since been updated and released in Reactor, in the Eyeon Legacy Scripts atom. Marking as fixed.