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Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by maximronkin » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:59 am

Yey, bonus points! You guys are great! Glad to be a part of this community! Keep up the good work!

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by Kristof » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:44 pm

Happy New Year Pieter. Thanks for the mention, hard work and support.

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by SecondMan » Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:11 pm

Phew... these posts are becoming harder and harder to write each year, but for all the good reasons!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

As is tradition on the forum, this is a moment to reflect on what happened on We Suck Less last year, and say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making We Suck Less, well, suck less.

2019 was an interesting one on the Fusion front, with the release of Fusion 16. Now I don't mean to use "interesting" in a sarcastic sense. Everything about Fusion 16 is transitional, and if you look beyond the "much debated" UI, you can get a sense of where Fusion may be going over the coming years, and it could be pretty exciting.

On the more straightforward end of the spectrum we also had the release of Reactor 3, that simply everyone was happy with. Another event that had people dancing on the tables was the release of Krokodove for Fusion 16. We also welcomed the arrival of the 4000th user this year, which is rather astonishing, really.

The holiday season was particularly joyful too, with @andromeda_girl's rather phenomenal Kick Ass Shaderz and @Captain LeBuck's exclusive Emblem WSL Special!

What WSL itself is concerned, If I would name one thing that I am personally particularly happy with, it would be that we can finally search VFXPedia again.

And it looks like this year we have been continuing the tendency to suck less and less, judging by the astonishing WSL Thanks scores:
(if you don't know what the WSL Thanks scores are, go back to the first post in this very topic, and read all about it ;))


What can I say? It was only a year ago that there were people who managed to gather 100 thanks inside of a year, and this time someone got fairly close to twice that. Who other than the mighty @SirEdric could claim to be, with no less 175 thanks to his name, WSL User of the Year 2019! :cheer:

Where to even start with him? Reactor submissions? Well, we have gems such as se_Expressionist, se_Normalator, se_YATS and se_LEDWall.

That's just scratching Eric's surface (a fun activity in and of itself no doubt). When we dig deeper we come across such weird and wonderful experiments as the truchet generator, useful drive-by tips like combining Normal maps, particle tricks in se_poap and absolutely must-read topics such as the Volume Fog 101 and the why-have-you-not-bookmarked-this-yet SirEdric's Consultation Hour.

I haven't even finished writing this post yet and he already has taken significant lead for 2020:


Is there no stopping him? I certainly hope not! :)

In second place is @SecondMan. That's me :cheer: I run this forum, I am writing this very post. A tend to write lot of them. I am happy with what WSL has become and to help people out. Sometimes (often times) it's simply fun, sometimes it's just a matter of working really hard to keep up with WSL because I feel it's worth it. I am grateful for the thanks and for the support and I'm not going to blow my own trumpet any harder than that :)

Next up is @Midgardsormr, who - this may be a winning formula - also started an ongoing tips and tricks topic this year called Q&A with Mister Ray. Make sure to read it.

Reactor submissions have been picking up speed somewhat this year, and Mister Ray is certainly following that trend with the very time-savingly (is that a word?) AutoProbe, the never-gets-old XGlow, the what-unexpected-things-are-people-going-to-do-with Sprite Sheet Extractor and a few more, too.

Mister Ray is all about learning, and sharing the knowledge, which also reflects in his activity in Fuse Box, and in particular with the impressive VariDilate collaborative learning, which is a fitting sequel to last year's Version Control Script (see above) - I wonder what he is going to come up with for 2020!

Of course, no WSL thanks list is complete without @AndrewHazelden. As if his contributions to bringing Reactor 3 to all of you weren't enough, he also continued updating his KartaVR v4 Freeware Edition with wonderful new tools and workflows, alongside taking on the ambitous Ultimate Guide to OpenUSD Pipeline Development | Overview. He also made headlines (not the subtlest ones) with his long-awaited and highly coveted NyanCat Macro and work on Kick Ass Shaderz.
And did you know you can Search WSL straight from Fusion? Of course you did! Right?

Next up, visiting from the Pirates of Confusion comes @Movalex who is rapidly cementing a reputation as the go-to person to increase productivity in the rather divisive Fu16 interface, with on the one side of the divide BMD, and on the other, err, everyone else. As such, we can enjoy wonderful additions like Toolbar for Fu16, Bookmarking Script, Rename Plus (my personal favourite), all available on Reactor, of course.

From that same pirate ship comes @Millolab, who after a sadly unanswered and dare I say undervalued Wiggler Macro, breaching the age-old topic of Modifier nodes from a slightly different angle, delighted the world with the refreshing and delightful Guinness Can.

From there it's just been a whirlwind of Reactor submissions, among which we find BlacksMatch, Chromatic Displacement, Spline Blur, Skin Corrector and more!

Our own Fuse Box Moderator, @intelligent machine made the top thanklist, no doubt to do with releasing the Wireless Link Anything. Wireless linking of tools was so often requested that now the functionality comes with Fusion as standard, in version 16.

@JUNE - GPU accelerated Fuse writer extraordinaire keeps delighting the masses with high quality tools, some of which are free!
Optical Flares, Seamless Fuse, Bevel+. There's more, so make sure to check out his treasure trove on Gumroad.

When will we see all those released for Fusion 16, I hear you ask? Very recent research seems to indicate this reality is very close!

If there is anyone deserving of 200 (or 4126) thanks in one fell swoop, it's @ShadowMaker SdR for this gem of a Fusion 16 tip: the Similar Icons Workaround, now also a WSL Console Tip. Shadowmaker is not only already the mastermind behind Charlie, I also wanted to specifically mention that he and @Midgardsormr (see above) are probably among the most helpful people ever to grace the BMD forums, and that comes on top of creating even more educative materials such as the Upside Down Tutorial, Muzzle Flashes Tutorial and the Q'nD Tutorial: how to import SVGS to Paint Strokes in Fusion. Thanks is the very least we can give to these wonderful humans!

If nothing else, @PeterLoveday deserves to be on this list for taking the trouble to
mark my birthday. Thanks Peter! :)

@Kristof is one to keep an eye on for sure. He is behind two so called Blackbooks which deserve your attention, if not bookmarking 3Cus Blackbook and Modifier Nodes Blackbook. Which does beg the question, will we see a release of 3Cus for Fusion 16 this year...? @Chad?

@gez, always keen to answer colourspace questions, it's no wonder he is behind Filmic Blender for Fusion. His Replacing After Effects take 2 is a delight to read, but does make me wonder whatever happened to take 1? Recently he unearthed Dealing with brighter pixels on the edges of a CG render? again, which I remember spawned an interesting conversation I need to go back to.

And then we end this list with @theotheo, always on the lookout for interesting open developements such as OpenCue and Kitsu, and keeping track of the latest and greatest standards in the industry, which spawned this USD Suite request. Taking Fusion to extremes, he's the one that came up with this Pixel-esque Landscape. May this, and his ability to create Terrific feature requests continue to inspire us all.

We Suck Less also turned 5 this year! I was originally going to organise something special (we had a Fusion license to give away last year) and had all kinds of ideas etc, but then life happened. Nevertheless, let's take a look at some of last year's statistics, because as you will see, we are continuing to grow:



Not entirely surprising is that we see the exact shape of the user graph repeated in the number of posts:


Interestingly though, we seen a slight decrease in growth (kinda funny talking about WSL in this way...). I'm not going to speculate particularly about this, and much rather leave it to your own imaginations as to why this may be... I will say that I haven't seen since 2016, which was a largely transitional year for Fusion, with the focus on cross-platform releases. Connect dots all you like :D

So what is next for WSL then? Well, I'm not going to talk too much about it, because it's all too easy to tease and then life happens and things get postponed to the point of awkwardness, but there are quite a few very exciting developments on the very near horizon (isn't that a tease right there?). One of them, quite a significant one, is curently being beta tested by the WSL Patrons, and if you're still reading this, you may perhaps want to be one. Just saying... ;)

Cheers as always,

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by Millolab » Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:45 pm

Not much to say but ❤️.
I’ve learned so much thanks to WSL and POC!
Hope to be able to contribute even more this year!


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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by ShadowMaker SdR » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:52 pm

Wonderful write-up, Pieter. Thank you for all the kind words. This site is definitely a true community, but it wouldn't be here without you!

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by SirEdric » Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:51 am

Not much to say indeed but THANKS!
Thanks for the writeup, your ongoing commitment and support on WSL and Reactor, and your nice words.
And thaks to *everyone* on this forum for making it what it is.
A community that really feels like home!

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by danell » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:50 am

I was a bit sceptic first when I came here but now I'm in love! Fusion would be doomed without WSL and the POC discord!

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Re: Thanks everybody! Please read - thanks for posts forum feature.


Post by gez » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:51 pm

Wow, thanks for the mention! I definitely took more than I gave being on this wornderful forum. This is a fantastic community of users and it has been a pleasure to be part of it. Everyone here is extremely talented, experienced and generous and I've learned a lot from you, guys.
Keep up with this great work, @SecondMan and thanks for running WSL. I probably wouldn't be using Fusion if WSL didn't exist.