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Server space, screenshots, and you...

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Server space, screenshots, and you...


Post by SecondMan »

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

A lot of you have been posting screenshots and other images to help illustrate issues and questions, which is obviously great. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

Unfortunately, some of them have been taking up about a thousand kilobytes each, too... :)

Now that's currently no big deal, and as it is I'm barely limiting the capacity for uploading material to the board. After all, what we want to build is the best resource for Fusion out there, so we want all those comps, macros, fuses and other stuff that we can learn from. Other material, and temporary screenshots in particular, is a bit of a different matter. Eventually, and considering the longer term relevance of those images, they risk merely filling up valuable server space and make backups and other operations more difficult than they should be.

For videos, there are well established and excellent services like YouTube and Vimeo which many of you already use and which are also natively supported by the forum. Likewise, the best solution for temporary images is to use a third party image hosting service like Imgur to upload the images there, and link to them in your posts here. The downside is having to sign up for an account, create an album for your temporary stuff, upload images on a separate website and get their links, just to be able to quickly show something from your desktop...

Now we wouldn't Suck Less if we didn't make this really, really easy, would we?

Enter a new button in your post editor:


Press that button, select the image you want to embed and it will be uploaded to Imgur and pasted inside [img] tags right into your post. Done!

Now please read on. For images that are not considered temporary, i.e. images that are part of a tutorial, or guide, or anything else that will retain its educational value for years to come, please do continue embedding them on the forum using the usual post attachments:


For all your other fleeting png, jpg and gif fun, go wild and give the new button a try!

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Re: Server space, screenshots, and you...


Post by JUNE »


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Re: Server space, screenshots, and you...


Post by SirEdric »


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Re: Server space, screenshots, and you...


Post by lenny87 »

Awesome Pieter :-)

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Re: Server space, screenshots, and you...


Post by Roei Tzoref »

thank you for your efforts in taking care of the forum.

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Re: Server space, screenshots, and you...


Post by stopwatch »

how can i able to download macro file link to it from here which is attached by you