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Soft clipping of particle intersection

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Soft clipping of particle intersection


Post by theotheo »

When doing large sprites to be occluded by geometry we often get (naturally) large intersecting planes into our holdouts, creating these ugly stepped effects.
Would be great to have "soft particles" that can blender the intersection point to avoid this.

Nuke does it, and I do believe Unreal/Unity does this as well.

https://dev.to/keaukraine/implementing- ... gl-es-3l6e


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Re: Soft clipping of particle intersection


Post by SecondMan »

Yes please!

Not just particles. Image planes, other geometry... It's great for multiple projections too. Matte paintings, environments, you name it.

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Re: Soft clipping of particle intersection


Post by Chad »

Ideally, Fusion's 3Rn could be made to output a texture instead of an image (though an image could be generated if the user fed the output to a tool that needed it). That way multipass rendering could be done faster. In this case, you'd want to get a position/depth pass for the scene without the particles, then use that texture to cull the particles (with a smoothstep transition). You likely don't need the image at all, so keeping it as a rendertarget texture on the GPU would make it much faster.