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Is it possible to replicate Omino diffusion plugin?  [GRANTED]

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Is it possible to replicate Omino diffusion plugin?


Post by Davinci3456 »


Hey, So i was thinking if it was possible to make an alternative to the plugin Omino diffusion, as it wont work for Davinci i cant use it.
Maybe some developer here can make it happen.

Here is the plugin suite file link:
http://omino.com/store/downloads/OminoS ... 2.1.41.zip

(Don't worry its their official page they give it away for free but, its only available for after effects and works maybe on Vegas.)

Learn more about what it does.

I think they provide it's source, sorry if I'm wrong. I'm not a developer.

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Re: Is it possible to replicate Omino diffusion plugin?


Post by AndrewHazelden »

I'm on mobile at the moment so haven't checked out the downloadable zip links you posted yet.

There are likely OFX plugins that could do this stylization if you hunted long enough on the web.

If you are interested in a fuse based approach for dithering or diffusion effects in Resolve you might take a look at this (paid) offering by the WSL member June:


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Re: Is it possible to replicate Omino diffusion plugin?  [GRANTED]


Post by JiiPii »


Only the plug-ins are in the ZIP file, not sources.
I'm not very familiar with error diffusion, but there is a Shadertoy here that deals with it. This could be used to build a tool. The two examples on the left could be reached with it.