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RE | FU - Tear off Script Menus

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RE | FU - Tear off Script Menus


Post by AndrewHazelden »

It would be really nice if Fusion 9 and Resolve 15's Fusion page supported tear-off menus for the "Scripts:/Comp/" folder based Lua/Python entries. This would be a big usability improvement when you need to access several items in a deeply nested sub-menu and don't want to traverse the full menu hierarchy each and every time.

As an example of deeply nested menus (that can't be torn off) being a pain to navigate try this out:

Step 1. Install "Reactor 2.0 for Resolve". Then add the "Reactor Essentials" atom from inside the "Reactor" category.

Step 2. Restart Resolve once and then open the Fusion page again.

Step 3. Now try and access multiple items in the Fusion > Script > Resolve Essentials > Resources > Development sub-menu. These resources are handy to have a quick direct weblink to when you are working inside of the Fusion page. But in my opinion the menu navigation effort to open up 3 or 4 entries in quick succession in these nested sub-menus is maddeningly inefficient once you get 5 menus deep.

Reactor for Resolve.png

A simple "tear off the menu" action that turned a sub-menu into a floating view would be quite handy. And it would allow the tools in the torn off sub-menu to be dragged around like a palette window and placed in a convenient sport, or even shifted onto another monitor.

Alternatively, if Resolve 15 simply supported pipeline TD's at companies adding their own root level menus to the main menu bar using a config:/ based .fu Menus entry like Fusion Standalone supports, half of these deeply nested menu issues would disappear instantly. :D
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Re: RE | FU - Tear off Script Menus


Post by Midgardsormr »

I agree; that's something I do frequently in RealFusion. I'll tear off a script sub-menu while testing, the edit menu if I need quick access to Undo/Redo, and sometimes Tools > 3D when I'm building something complex.