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Dual SubV display for A|B buffers

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Dual SubV display for A|B buffers


Post by Chad » Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:06 pm

Right now the SubV is fixed and works fine for A buffer or B buffer. But it's not great when you have an A|B split.

So what would be nice is you could have a second SubV on the opposite side that showed the B buffer content. If you roll the split bar so the sides swap, the SubV's would swap their input too.

I had a tricky shot where some footage had slightly offset timecode, but other footage didn't. Having the ability to A|B compare AND look at the timecode metadata would have been nice.

I think if you were color matching shots, having dual scopes would be nice too.

Bonus Fun Fact: If you view crosseyed stereo, you get two SubV. Unfortunately it's the same image in both, it doesn't update for A|B stereo.