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A List of UI improvement wishes

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:53 am
by mcagdas
Hello everyone,

I am a fusion user since 2008. My first post here. I want to share my experiences with you. :)

I wanted to share my wish list of small improvements. This is simple but effective list. I think changes from fusion 9 gone a bit wrong way.

1- I can't move spline masks with left-right or shift+left/right arrows. I can move it with up/down but not left/right. Shift+ctrl for small move, shift+alt for big move is working. But its confusing. It was simple and good just use arrows and shift.

2- In fusion 9, when you click "Fit" button its fitting. In 16 you need to choose fit option. When you press it it does nothing. It will be good if its fit when i press it. or fit button will be good.

3- "Spline" and "Keyframes" tab buttons is far away from working area and it takes time to get and click there. If they can be placed above nodes like fusion 9 it will be much quicker to press and really speeds process. ( better idea see 22.)

4- When i choose a node and delete a keyframe it deletes the node not the keyframe. I have to activate the keyframe panel to delete a keyframe. Its an other annoying click process that takes time. Click and drag sometime activate keyframe panel sometimes not activates and this cause the deletion of node.

5- I use bitmap and tracker a lot. And there no button in the UI. Please make the UI buttons easily configurable. Like right click and any effect node in the list and make it appear in the UI or drag and drop will be cool.

6- if Ctrl + Drag does a copy of nodes it will be very quick and perfect.

7- Shortcuts for nodes like "B" for blur "C" for color correction will be awesome.

8- When i restart the app its resetting node view. I need to start where i leave in node editor.

9- I also use "Purge Cache" a lot. If there is a button in the UI it will be good too.

10- Refresh Source file button is needed to be in the loader node. I use browse and choose some source again and again.

11- In Grid Warp node, Magnet type "Selected", I can use "T" for Rotate or "S" for scale of selected point but i cant use ALT for moving point like any mask. I waited this for 10 years. Please do it :)

If any other idea comes to me i will add to this topic.

Thanks for keeping this great software alive and great.

Re: A List of UI improvement wishes

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:08 am
by mcagdas
Hello, After i use F16 on a big comp setup i have some others.

12. When i zoom out in node editor, the dot in bottom of node disappears. Its hard to find which node i am viewing.
13. In 3d viewport, can't select multiple 3d shape items with shift and move them together. Always have to arrange one by one.
14. A snap function in 3d will be very useful too.
15. After effects style snapshot and compare solution will be very useful.
16. Grid and other composition tools like golden ratio please.
17. Align tools - like align a mask point to bottom center of frame.
18. FBX importer with layers so i can on and off layers.
19. Need more space in node editor. Larger zoom out view.
20. Loader and saver must be different color. Its confusing when i have lots of savers.
21. A volume control slider.
22. If double click on a tab ( like spline tab) hides and shows it, will be very fast for users.
23. In footage properties reverse and loop options is good but i need ping pong option too.
24. Checker underlay and other buttons must be near "roi" icon so i can reach it quickly.
25. Timeline scroll bar size must be bigger. Its very difficult to select.
26. Fusion can import mp3 but it cannot play real time.
27. Background color of viewer can be changable.
28. Ruler and lines on viewport like adobe can be very useful too.
29. Total rendered frame and time info at info panel will be good.
30. When i click and drag Luma keyer's low value numbers, it changes high value but if i click and drag high value it doesn't change low value . Low value must be stable like high value i think.
31. Going to keyframe is cool when i use shortcut but a button will be good too.
32. A node counter will be just genius so i can count my nodes and delete unnecessary ones to keep setup simple.
33. The keyframe spreadsheet is genuis i love it. And import export keyframe data will be useful too.
34. Resizing flow/underlay frame size is pain in the ass. :(

Will be continued. :)

I attached a gif to show how big my comp was. F16 crashed a lot but it didn't interrupt and stop me

Re: A List of UI improvement wishes

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:10 am
by Midgardsormr
mcagdas wrote: Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:53 am 7- Shortcuts for nodes like "B" for blur "C" for color correction will be awesome.
You might find the attached file useful. Put it in your Config directory, and it will configure hotkeys for tools similar to Nuke's. Or you can grab the entire Nuke2Fusion Atom from Reactor, which includes this and also some macros that remap Nuke tool names to Fusion tools. I find that a bit confusing, myself, though, so I only use the .fu file.

Re: A List of UI improvement wishes

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 12:14 am
by mcagdas
Thanks Bryan.

Re: A List of UI improvement wishes

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:26 am
by intelligent machine
Also there is a handy toolbar16 script available in reactor that adds the view toolbar back (including the fit button!!).

The default hotkey is Shift+Alt+T I believe. It places the toolbar wherever the cursor is currently but the position can be saved once you get it right where you want it.
Also, It seems the most recent version only allows for a single instance but we could always duplicate it and change the config file name and a couple other things to dedicate one to the left and one to the right view.