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Reactor 2.0 Change Log

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 10:12 am
by AndrewHazelden

Reactor 2.0 Change Log

  • Fusion 9.02 is now the minimum Fusion Standalone version supported by Reactor 2.0
  • Updated GitLab syncing code to support faster differential "commit ID" based syncing of atom packages each time the Reactor window is opened
  • Updated Reactor to support the Resolve 15 Fusion page. Reactor is accessed in Resolve using a Fusion > Script > Reactor > Open Reactor... based menu entry. This was done since root level menubar additions are not supported in Resolve.
  • Updated the "Reactor-Installer.lua" Lua script to support both Fusion Standalone and Resolve installations using the same file
  • Added improved error handling to detect when Reactor file downloads fail due to Windows/Mac/Linux file permission issues
  • Added improved GitLab API error code handling support which provides human readable error messages in the Fusion Console tab
  • Updated Reactor window tile to show the current search keywords
  • Updated the Reactor window column spacing and default window size
  • Updated the Reactor window Description area size to allow for more text to be viewed at once
  • Updated the Reactor window hotkey handling to better support closing of popup windows using the Command + W (MacOS), and Control + W (Windows/Linux) hotkeys.
  • Updated the Reactor Suggested Donation window to allow for donations with no defined amount
  • Added a Reactor window "Repo" column to indicate which Reactor repo a particular atom came from. The Repo column helps users who use a multi-repo Reactor setup and need to know the source of content in the "All" Repo source view.
  • Added a Reactor window "Status" column. This allows for a quick visual check to see if atoms are "Disabled" or "OK" as far as an individual atom package's Fusion/Resolve installation compatibility and platform compatibility goes. You can sort the Status column by clicking on the heading.
  • Renamed the Reactor Description view "Issues" section to "Status". This Status line entry is used to list atom compatibility details in red text like an incompatible operating system platform or Fusion/Resolve version.
  • Reactor now supports enhanced HTTP URL decoding in Reactor.lua and Reactor.fu. This reduces the filesize of the Lua scripts and makes the code more compact and readable.
  • Improved the display of Reactor progress messages by re-using the same UI manager window context instead of creating a new window each time
  • The optional Reactor diagnostics logging `REACTOR_DEBUG` environment variable can be enabled if you want to have an error log written to a "Temp:/Reactor/ReactorLog.txt" file. This environment variable is useful for solving problems with downloading atoms, file permissions issues, or for troubleshooting manually created atom packages that have Deploy tag case-sensitivity errors.
  • Reactor menu changes:
    • Renamed the Reactor "Advanced" menu item to "Tools" to reflect the content in the sub-menu
    • Added a Reactor > Tools > Reinstall Reactor menu item. This allows you to download the latest version of Reactor and re-run the installer. This is useful for updating the Reactor.fu file that is installed on a Fusion Standalone system.
    • Added a Reactor > Tools > Fuse Scanner menu item. This tool allows you to find duplicate fuses that are installed in Fusion and can fix Fuse version mismatch issues when you mix manually installed content in Fusion with Reactor provided files.
    • Added a Reactor > Tools > Plugin Scanner menu item. This tool allows you to find duplicate plugins that are installed in Fusion and makes it easier to access the location of installed plugins when you need to manually remove Windows based plugins that are write locked by Fusion before installing a new plugin update in Reactor.
    • Added a Reactor > Tools > Show Docs Folder menu item. This will open up the "Reactor:/Deploy/Docs/" folder.
    • Added a Reactor > Tools > Show Temp Folder menu item that opens up the "Temp:/Reactor/" temporary folder.
    • Added a Reactor > Tools > Open Reactor Log menu item that allows you to see the diagnostics logging information that can be optionally enabled in Reactor using the `REACTOR_DEBUG` and `REACTOR_DEBUG_FILES` environment variables.
  • Added Atom package specification 2.0 InstallScript/UninstallScript tag support to Reactor which allows atoms to more intelligently configure PathMaps and Fusion preferences automatically using Lua or Python code stored in the atom file. InstallScripts support inline UI Manager GUIs and can add desktop shortcuts too. InstallScripts show a confirmation dialog before they are run with visible copy of the code displayed. The presence of InstallScript code in an atom package is listed in the Reactor window description text field as "Install Script: Yes" and "Uninstall Script: Yes".
  • Added Atom package specification 2.0 Minimum/Maximum version tags to Reactor. These tags are used to define the atom compatibility with specific Fusion Standalone and Resolve version ranges.
  • Updated the Atomizer package editor with a redesigned GUI and improved atom editing features including command line support
    • Added a new HTML formatting bar above the Description field
    • Added improved smiley image tag support
    • Added automatic HTML entity encoding in the Description field to fix common formatting issues
    • Fixed an issue with the Windows/Mac/Linux Deploy section. The refresh button now scans the folders correctly and adds the per-platform entires correctly to the atom package.
    • Added a "Copy BBCode" button that makes it easy to post a WSL Atom Submission thread entry using text from your copy/paste clipboard buffer
    • Added a new SlashAtom package to Reactor that allows atoms to be edited in the Atomizer GUI using the Console tab based command "/atom <path to your atom>". SlashAtom supports entering atom filepaths with relative PathMaps.
    • Removed Atomizer's reliance on bmd.scriptlib to support Resolve 15
    • Added a new "Collections" category entry to Atomizer that can be used to add atoms that are able to install a custom group of atom packages at the same time using atom dependency tags. There is a new "REACTOR_DEBUG_COLLECTIONS" environment variable the makes it easier to automate the testing of a complex collections category based atom package.
    • Added error handling for when the "Open Atom Package" dialog's default filepath no longer exists
  • Fixed the Resync Reactor dialog's Resolve 15 compatibility issues by removing the legacy AskUser dialog and replacing it with native UI manager code
  • Added a new "com.AndrewHazelden.ResolveEssentials" atom that makes it easier to use Resolve 15 by restoring several key missing Fusion Standalone features like FBX/Alembic/SVG imports. Also a new MediaOutUltra node allows for writing multi-channel EXR imagery and other formats to disk directly inside of the Fusion page.
  • Added a new "com.wesuckless.NotepadPlusPlus" atom that provides an easy to install version of Notepad++ that works with Syntax Highlighting for Fusion's standard file formats.
  • Added a new "com.AndrewHazelden.Sqlite3" atom that makes it possible to read the raw data stored in a Resolve 15 project file database from the command prompt and in scripts.
  • Added additional MacOS LaunchAgent environment variable .plist example files to the Reactor GitLab repository "Bonus/Mac/" folder.
  • Added Fusion Standalone based flow area hotkey entries to "Reactor.fu" for common Reactor commands:
    • Control + F16 opens the "Reactor" window
    • Control + F17 opens the "Atomizer" window
    • Control + F18 opens the "Temp:/Reactor/ReactorLog.txt" file in the default Fusion script editor
    • Control + F19 opens the "Resync Repository" window

Known Issues

Resolve 15 doesn't support 3rd party menu additions using .fu files. This means the Reactor menu features have to be accessed in the Resolve Fusion page from the Fusion > Script > Reactor > Open Reactor... menu item.

Reactor Menu Screenshots

Reactor for Resolve

Reactor for Resolve.png

Reactor for Fusion Standalone

Reactor for Fusion.png