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Installing Reactor in Fusion Rendernode

Moderator: SecondMan

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Installing Reactor in Fusion Rendernode


Post by unexpected » Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:33 am


is there a way to install reactor on a fusion render node installation?

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Re: Installing Reactor in Fusion Rendernode


Post by SecondMan » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:02 am


There definitely is. Have you tried what is described in the Getting Started topic?

Additionally, there is the aptly named Using Reactor Content on a Fusion Render Node in the online docs.

If you want the docs locally, there is the Reactor Docs Atom package (available in Reactor) that on install will supply you with a link on your desktop.

And if you don't want the desktop link, you can use the follwing command in the Fusion Console to open them:

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bmd.openfileexternal("Open", app:MapPath("Reactor:/Deploy/Docs/ReactorDocs/Installing-Reactor.html"))