Reactor Troubleshooting - Resync Repository Menu Item

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Reactor Troubleshooting - Resync Repository Menu Item


Post by AndrewHazelden » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:01 am

Hi. Quite a few new tools and open source libraries have been added to the SteakUnderwater GitLab Reactor repository site this week.

The content includes about 40+ new atom packages that deliver a total of roughly 3000 files that can be installed in only a few clicks. Hopefully, this new technology will help take your Fusion compositing experience to the next level.

Your Next Reactor Sync

I wanted to provide a small tip that could help you out if you find that your copy of Reactor has a hard time doing its next sync command when you open the Reactor package manager window.

2018-12-19 Sync-Issue.png

If after a few seconds you then see an error message in the Fusion/Resolve console tab that looks like this, its handy to know there is a simple solution to your current problem.

Resolve Console Message.png

Here is the error message again but written as inline text. This will hopefully help you find this Reactor usage tip in the future when a search is done on WSL for a solution to the following Reactor 'nil' commit state error:

Code: Select all

...ckmagicDesign/Fusion/Reactor/System/Protocols/GitLab.lua:196: attempt to index local 'commits' (a nil value)

Resync Repository Tool

You can solve the GitLab syncing issue in mere seconds by running the Reactor > Tools > Resync Repository menu item inside of Fusion Standalone v9.

2018-12-19 Reactor Resync Repository Fusion Standalone.png

Inside of Resolve 15 this same feature can be found under a deeply nested sub-menu:
Fusion > Script > Reactor > Tools > Resync Repository

2018-12-19 Reactor Resync Repository Resolve.png