Submission Guidelines - please read before submitting

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Submission Guidelines - please read before submitting


Post by SecondMan » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:28 pm

Submissions to Reactor can be made either directly to GitLab, or here in the Submissions forum.

Atoms can be created manually, or with the help of the convenient Atomizer editor.


Before submitting anything for inclusion with Reactor, it is highly recommended to start a WIP topic for your tool in the appropriate forum. That way you can gather valuable feedback from testers that may help you polish your tool, and it helps the Reactor team to gauge the usefulness and functionality of eventual submission without having to go through rigorous testing of every single candidate - it's a community project, after all!

The ultimate goal of Reactor is quality over quantity
there may be exceptions... :-)

Atoms and files

  1. When categorising Reactor submissions, try to follow Fusion's internal tool categories rather than submision types.

    For example, don't use:

    Code: Select all

    Category = "Fuses/Creator",

    but do use:

    Code: Select all

    Category = "Tools/Creator",

  2. Please avoid putting version numbers in your file names. This can ultimately lead to clutter and confusion. Instead, put the version number in the Atom for your release. In the meantime, though, feel free to use the forum to keep track of development and older versions, as well as feedback from your users.

  3. File extensions in Reactor are lower case, there are differences between operating systems and how they deal with case sensitivity, so we default to one. So please make sure to use .fuse, .setting, .comp, .fu etc...


  1. When preparing Fuses for inclusion with Reactor, please make sure they are consistently categorised and versioned. In FuRegisterClass, this can be done by setting REGS_Category and REG_Version. For the versioning, REG_Version takes an integer, and by convention version 1.0 equals REG_Version = 100,

    Here is an example of the Time3D Fuse:

    Code: Select all

    FuRegisterClass("Time3D", CT_Tool, {
    	REGS_Name = "Time3D",
    	REGS_Category = "Miscellaneous",
    	REGS_OpIconString = "T3D",
    	REGS_OpDescription = "Time 3D",
    	REG_OpNoMask = true,
    	REG_NoBlendCtrls = true,
    	REG_NoObjMatCtrls = true,
    	REG_NoMotionBlurCtrls = true,
    	REG_NoPreCalcProcess = true,
    	REG_Version = 100,