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[Submission] ColorLabels, a simply tool to change color of flow items.  [SUBMITTED]

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Re: [Submission] ColorLabels, a simply tool to change color of flow items.


Post by Midgardsormr » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:37 am

You could still sort by color, even with a full 32-bit palette. The colors are being thresholded somehow—changing the TileColor by script does still work, but Fusion now just picks the closest 'approved' color for display. So even if the desire was to keep the color scheme linked to Resolve at large for that purpose, it could be done by performing that threshold elsewhere rather than before display. It's really frustrating, as I have several scripts that use TileColor for feedback.

And yes, I have complained about this to them at length already. Please add more voices!

Another script that won't work (or will, at least, be more difficult) in Fu16 due to this change is hos_HeatMap_ultra, which recolors nodes based on how long it takes them to render.