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API returns invalid UTF-8 in some cases [UPDATED]

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Igor Ridanovic
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API returns invalid UTF-8 in some cases [UPDATED]


Post by Igor Ridanovic » Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:33 am

I edited this post because my initial conclusions were incorrect, although there still exists a Unicode issue within the API.

GetClipProperty() called on media pool item misinterprets non-ASCII characters for 'File Path.'

It inserts 0x3F which is UTF-8 question mark "?" in place of the Unicode characters. The behavior is identical in the internal console and when the script is executed externally, as well as via FuScript. Lua and Python 2.7 both produce the same result.

I've spent little time trying to run Python 3 in the interactive console. It doesn't work for me. Does anyone have Python 3 to test the Unicode support of GetClipProperty()? I suspect the issue is deeper though, because many, if not all other methods return valid Unicode encoded as UTF-8.