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Managing Footage in the Media Pool

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:59 am
by Greg Bovine
When migrating from Fusion over to Resolve 15 for the first time it can be quite a shock to have to turn in your previous Loader/Saver node based workflow and switch over to using MediaIn/MediaOut nodes and Resolve's Media Pool system.

The Media Pool

To access your footage in Resolve click on the "Media Pool" button at the top left of the Resolve UI. This acts as your bin area and olds your Timelines, and clips.
That fastest way to add individual pieces of footage to the Media Pool view is to drag and drop a video clip or image from your desktop into the Media Pool window. This media is now available to be added to an existing Fusion page composite.
The Media Page

If you have a lot of footage to manage or import, it can be helpful to switch to the "Media" page in Resolve to get a full screen view of the content in your Resolve Project:
The Media page allows you to see your Media Pool, Bins, Embedded Auto Meters/Waveform, and Metadata, views all at once.

Import File Menu

The File > Import File menu has several options for loading footage into a Resolve project:
You can choose between:
  • Import Media...
  • Import Media from XML...
  • Import Subtitle...
For the purposes of creating a basic Fusion page composite I'd suggest you start out with the File > Import File > Import Media... menu item. This will let you use a typical file browser window to select your movie, image, or image sequence.

In the Import Media... file browser window navigate to the folder on disk that holds your media. Then shift+select the range of footage you want to load into Resolve. Click the "Open" button once you have highlighted all the footage you need.
Once you have footage in your Media Pool you can choose if you want to display it using thumbnail icons, or as a list. This is done by clicking on either of those two icons at the top right hand corner of the Media Pool view.

Relinking Footage in the Media Pool

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:16 pm
by Greg Bovine
If you need to relocate the footage for a Resolve project to another folder on your system, or to a different network volume you can right click on the clips in your Media Pool. A contextual menu will appear.


At the bottom of the menu are two entries labelled "Relink Selected Clips...", and "Change Source Folder...". These menu items allow you to quickly update the location of the footage in your Media Pool while preserving all of the Edit page Timelines and Fusion page composites you've created.

Relink Selected Clips


The Media Pool Right Click > Relink Selected Clips... menu item lets you update the file paths for the clips. This is handy if you notice that some of your thumbnail icons in the bin have turned red and have the words "Media Missing" as their label.


A "Select Source Folder" dialog will appear.

You can navigate this tree like browsing window to find the folder that holds the recently relocated media you are searching for. The "Cancel" button lets you close this window and skip making any changes to the location of the footage. The "Change" button will apply your filepath revisions and reconnect the clips to your Media Pool.

Change Source Folder

The Media Pool Right Click > Change Source Folder... menu item is very fast at updating the folder location where Resolve will look for the selected Footage in your project.


A "Change Source Folder" dialog will appear.

The window has two text fields that allow you to adjust the "Change From:" location which is the current location that resolve uses as the source of the footage. The "To:" section will tell Resolve the new location to look for the selected footage. Next to the text fields are "Browse" buttons that let you use a file browser window to navigate to the new filepaths.

The "Cancel" button lets you close this window and skip making any changes to the Media Pool folder paths. The "Change" button will apply your revisions.

Reveal in Finder

If you have only a single clip selected in the Media Pool and right click over the footage you will see a new "Reveal in Finder" entry listed at the very bottom of the contextual menu. This option will open up a new Finder (macOS)/Explorer (Windows)/Nautilus (Linux) desktop folder browsing window to the folder that contains this piece of footage.


Re: Managing Footage in the Media Pool

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:20 pm
by Greg Bovine