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Resolve's current page?

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Resolve's current page?


Post by Andrew »

I found the OpenPage() method to change pages, but was wondering if there's a way to query Resolve for the current page and/or an event that is triggered when the page is changed. Thanks.


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Re: Resolve's current page?


Post by pinthenet »

Some time later..... Did you ever solve this Andrew? I am looking for a method to incorporate in a 'Touch Portal' plugin to control Resolve & Fusion (17)

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Re: Resolve's current page?


Post by lateralfilms »

Just added to the API in Resolve 17.2:

GetCurrentPage() --> String # Returns the page currently displayed in the main window. Returned value can be one of ("media", "cut", "edit", "fusion", "color", "fairlight", "deliver", None)