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DaFusion newb. Share variables between clips?

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DaFusion newb. Share variables between clips?


Post by GreenGlass » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:36 pm

Hi. Fairly new to fusion, here. While I do have a license to Fusion 9 studio, this question is about Resolve Fusion.

Is there a way to reference an attribute of one Resolve Fusion Clip™ from another?

Say, for instance, I have a transition IN and a transition OUT somewhere on my Resolve timeline, and I want to be able to affect an attribute of both simultaneously. How should I approach that? Is there notation for an inline command do do this? Something like ClipOUT.Point(x,y) where one composition can reach outside of itself, if that makes any sense? Pickwhiping seems like the obvious solution to me, but I can't pin the inspector of one clip and have it visible when I switch to a different one.

Thanks, Jason.

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intelligent machine
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Re: DaFusion newb. Share variables between clips?


Post by intelligent machine » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:49 pm

If it's just in and out transitions then, yes there is a workaround that I found. Maybe there's a better way but this works:

1. If you have other effects you wish to apply to individual clips...effects that will not be shared then do that first.

2. Next, for all the clips that you wish to have shared properties: Select all the fusion clips and create a new fusion clip from them (yes you can nest a fusion clip inside a fusion clip). This will pop the clip into another clean track if there are unselected clips anywhere in-between. Leave it there for now.

3. Now with this new fusion clip selected in the timeline, create a compound clip. You can now use the blade tool on that compound clip if you wish to cut it down to the original edits.

4. Open the compound clip in the timeline (right-click > 4th option) and you will see that one long fusion clip within it.

5. Switch to the fusion tab and apply your transitions. Resolve will keep each nested clip at its relative time on the timeline so there may be a long blank space between each clip. Either split out the mediaIn node and trim with the TimeMachine tool from Reactor or just apply the effects in place on that single clip.

Also, If you do not make cuts to the compound clip in step 3 above, then you may need to change the compound clip's blend mode to add (edit page > inspector) or place the compound clip on the lowest track. This new fusion clip will have black gaps between each of the actual clips.

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Re: DaFusion newb. Share variables between clips?


Post by GreenGlass » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:31 am

Thanks, i.m.

That's a novel approach, which I'm sure I'll use in the future. But I don't think it will work for what I'm trying to do here. I really appreciate the input. I should've given more information in my original question.

I'm trying to build a template through which I will animate all of the transitions for a series of lectures. Here's an example of a transition IN that I did earlier this year in R14/F9.

What I'd really like to have is a set of controls that lets me change the window position coordinates and cropping of the 2-up view across the entire timeline. Then, I'd just keyframe a single "offset" slider to animate the transitions. Currently, when my boss asks me to change the framing or layout, I have to re-keyframe the start and end of every transition IN, STATIC 2-UP, transition OUT triplet. Huge time sink. Especially because the STATIC portion uses .exr mattes on the color page to key the crop and supply the drop shadow.

This kind of animation will probably be possible now in R15 with the normal edit page transform tools + copy/paste attributes, but it wasn't really do-able a year ago (you couldn't animate crop, if I remember correctly, and compound/multicam clips wouldn't alpha correctly if you cropped on the color page). Plus, if I switch to Resolve-only edit page animations, I lose motion blur and drop shadow. That might be a small price to pay for faster turnaround, though.