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is Fusion ready?

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is Fusion ready?


Post by houou » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:04 pm

Well first of all sorry, because might be the topic that everyone knows but, I've been reading some information here and there.. some its old.. some its newer but incomplete.

I just purcahsed the dongle version of Fusion9. comes of course with Davinci and its "little fusion".
The question is Is that fusion inside Davinci still "little" or is ready for production?
and of course the answer is ... depends on what production you use it... so I'll add a bit more information.

can manage effectively 3DCG compositing.
can do Network rendering nicely?
can work with wellknown plugins like sapphire?
can handle different loaders and allows different outputs?

I'm asking because some time ago I knew it wasn't ready, I don't know in this precise moment how is it, should I bother to try all that? or somebody did and beter stick with classic Fusion9 ? btw when is new update coming out? huehuehue.


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Re: is Fusion ready?


Post by Tory » Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:08 pm

Hello houou,
As you probably have scene from reading some information here and there... this is a bit of a loaded question ;) I personal don't consider Fusion inside of Resolve as "little" or "lite" but for some workflows it may be limiting... for others it is empowering.

can manage effectively 3DCG compositing - yes it has the tools there, it may be slower than standalone depending on what you comp is like. If they are relatively simple and you are using Resolve for the edit or shot management then you may like the trade off in speed for the fluidity in your overall workflow.

can do Network rendering nicely? - I don't think, so this would be a major reason to us stand alone... but there is nothing stopping you from starting the comp in resolve and then copying it over to standalone (as long as you use loaders instead of mediain nodes.)

can work with well known plugins like sapphire - as far as I know, I don't have sapphire. but resolve fusion supports OFX plugins that standalone does not on my machine. as well as some Resolve effects that standalone does not have.

can handle different loaders and allows different outputs? - Loaders and Savers are back in there... there are not many options with the saver but it can be used to render out branches of your tree as exr files.

I would say it is up to you if it is worth trying it... but if you are not looking for the workflow with the other Resolve pages there will not be a great reason to.

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Re: is Fusion ready?


Post by Chad » Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:50 pm

But why? Nothing described makes any sense to do in Resolve.

Can I drive my front end loader to the grocery store? Sure. But why?

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Re: is Fusion ready?


Post by houou » Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:17 pm

Thankyou for the repplies, very kind.

Tory Thankyou for the explanation. It is very clarifying.
an I understand also the Chad comment, haha.

Then for my peculiar case I understand that for instance Fusion standalone still has the edge on compositing as a blackmagic solution for CG compositing.
But true is that like Tory said, there is times where using Resolve built in fusion might be a good idea. Lots of cuts edited already easy to handle might be that the built in fusion could even be faster in an overall point of view. I mean Resolve is a very good tool and having fusion inside might make it more powerful.
But for just purely and plane compositing Standalone is still better.

Thankyou! I think I could make my mind about it :)