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Resolve Timeline Markers inside of Fusion

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 7:36 am
by ShadowMaker SdR
Hi everyone,

This is an idea that I don't know how to get started, but which is something that has come up quite regularly in the BMD Forum:

Resolve Timeline Markers should be accessible inside of Fusion.

Of course this could be seen as a Resolve Feature Request (which it also is) but from the most recent reaction on that wishlist item from Julian Böhme I understood that marker info is already available through the scripting API of Resolve.

There are also guides inside of Fusion - more or less. It shouldn't be too difficult to combine these two in a script - if you know what you're doing that is.
Especially with help from people like SirEdric or Greg Bovine we should be able to create something like a script that creates either Fusion guides from the Timeline markers or a Text+ tool that has keyframes with the names/comments of the Resolve markers in there.

TimelineView = TimelineView {
SnapGuides = {
[39] = {
Name = "Testguide",
SplinesView = true,
TimelineView = true