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GMIC Effects

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Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:57 am
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GMIC Effects


Post by Phoenix »

I suppose, at least some of you know about G'MIC and that you can use it for various effects. It seems that it was possible to use them in Fusion and/or Resolve via OpenFX version, but I am not sure if it still possible now and that it is working properly. Also, it might not be using latest version, therefore some functions not available. This year Python version became available - GMIC-PY. According to what is written at the moment, Linux and Mac OS is supported with Windows planned (by end of this year, so in 5 days). I already did some testing (on CentOS 7 Linux) and it is possible to use it for image sequences, I think it might be possible to use it with video too. Commands can be used like in command line version or in Flowblade (it might not be working in some cases though). Which commands are used on image can be found in plug-in log file and available commands may be found on website somewhere.

I might be able to make a Python script for Fusion which can work on selected node which can show frame. You will have to enter frames or frame ranges and G'MIC command.

Is this something what might be interesting for you? Please let me know.

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Re: GMIC Effects


Post by rjunrajput »

used to use gmic on natron. indeed too many effects and filters but sadly 50% of them do not work.