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Add Tool X script bugs in Fusion 7

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Add Tool X script bugs in Fusion 7


Post by tlittle » Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:31 pm

Add Tool X is an amazing and super helpful script by Stefan Ihringer that I used quite a bit in Fusion 6.4
We here at Digital Kitchen recently upgraded to Fusion 7 and I noticed that Add Tool X has some strange bugs when run in Fu7. (not related to ipairs()) I recorded a screen capture of the problem and uploaded it to vimeo here:

password: bug

The blue highlighted tool in the list of possible tools cannot be added. If a tool is highlighted and at the top of the list the script will not add the tool when pressing 'enter' or clicking on the tool name. You can still add tools which are lower down in the list and not highlighted.

I have contacted Stefan directly (he was super nice and wrote back right away) and learned that he is not sure what the cause of the problem is either. Here are his thoughts on the matter:
I've noticed that eyeon has changed a few things in their Add Tool script between 6.4 to 7 and I have transferred these changes to my script. These changes seem to deal with the key press events and might have been necessary for the new LUA version they're using. But the "can't press enter on selected tool" problem didn't go away. It doesn't happen on eyeon's Add Tool... so I think some more tinkering is needed. Unfortunately I'm swamped with work right now.

Maybe if you take this to the forum (where I'll chime in) somebody might have an answer (ploveday seems to read the scripting forum regularly).

Do any of you folks have any ideas about what is causing this bug? Thank you!

I am running the latest Add Tool X version 1.5 Stefan's website
http://www.comp-fu.com/2013/07/add-tool ... or-fusion/

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Re: Add Tool X script bugs in Fusion 7


Post by Tilt » Thu Nov 06, 2014 2:10 am

Thanks Tim :)

I have a new version of Add Tool X that I haven't published on my home page yet. However, it still has the problem that you can't press Enter on the highlighted tool...
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Re: Add Tool X script bugs in Fusion 7


Post by xmare » Tue Nov 11, 2014 5:40 am

one thing i noticed (could be a workaround) that You cannot add the tool selected/highlighted by the script.

You want to ad chroma keyer.
when you type "chroma" - the chroma keyer is the default tool, already highlighted and selected. in this case You cannot add the tool, while You can mouse-select (and add) different tools/scripts/fuses fltered by the script.

when You type "ch", chroma keyer is not the first choice but one of the latter. So You can mouse-pick-select-add the desired tool.
my wild inexpierienced guess - could it be that the Fu7/7.5 do not "see" the tool highlighted via Add_tool_X script?