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WebGL to DCTL: Reaction Diffusion

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WebGL to DCTL: Reaction Diffusion


Post by JiiPii »


The entry into the world of reaction diffusion was done some time ago with the Shadertoy "Spilled". There were some cliffs to overcome, but now the wonderful world of these shaders opens up. And there are really really weird shaders of this kind on Shadertoy. I once put my favorite diffusion shaders in a youtube video.

(The language of the video is German, but I edited the subtitles and now they are easy to understand ;-)

There is a "gateway drug", a simple but very nice shader to learn.
and suitable for this shader there is a short concise info page about the theory:

Have fun watching and playing
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Re: WebGL to DCTL: Reaction Diffusion


Post by tida »

@JiiPii you did choose a great subject. Most of these shaders look so natural in case you try to aim phenomenons from the sub-macroscopic world like bacterial or funghi growth, crystallization, turbulent flow behavior, molecular motion etc.
It's also interesting to see, that results can be totally different when changing slightly the way of initiation. But if you keep the way of initiation constant you always end up with a reproducible result in fusion (due to the way of calculations of randomized numbers) which is important for video projects.