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Kick Ass ShaderZ is officially released on Reactor!

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Re: Kick Ass ShaderZ is officially released on Reactor!


Post by andromeda_girl »

Glad you like :) Hope peeps find a use for some of them, Andrew and I want to get into the next phase soon.
But cripes, mate... I just made the shaders... O_o

Andrew designed all the access -we had a pile of discussions on features, and he just kept adding to it, had more ideas and it got way bigger than than I envisioned- and better than I hoped.
But heck, I couldn't program my way out of a wet paper bag.

TBH, I didn't give that top menu thing any thought, but now that you mention it I can imagine some might find it a bit bold instead of living in the menu.

I was surprised to find it up there, hadn't expected that but I do so much with 3D in Fusion that having the shaders available like that was something that didn't bother me. Since v16 changed its GUI so drastically I can't even arrange it the way I used to- so that top menu placement was something I thought was kinda cool in the end and I didn't think any further of it...
If there's sufficient comment on this perhaps it should be revised :P
So far only you have brought it up but it's a valid point.