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Happy Birthday Dunn!

Show us your bits!

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Happy Birthday Dunn!


Post by SecondMan »

It's @Dunn's birthday today!

Happy birthday old chap! :cheer:

To everyone who has some recent Fusion work to show*, let's try to fill up this topic with it for Dunn's special day :)

*it doesn't have to be your own, as long as you credit it.

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Shem Namo
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Re: Happy Birthday Dunn!


Post by Shem Namo »

Happy Birthday @Dunn !!

I recently made this using @Millolab's "Chromatic Displacement" macro.
It's not much, and you all probably know how to do it(better).
But it's a start :)


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Re: Happy Birthday Dunn!


Post by Dunn »

OH YEAAAAHH ! Thanks guys !!
Just got back from a short break :oops:
Lots of Love to you 'all !!


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Re: Happy Birthday Dunn!


Post by French_Fry »

Happy birthday Dunn! haven't heard from you in a while. hope all is good! Cheers! ( sorry..not much in Fusion these days..Maybe Dunn can wish that for me when he blows his candles out.:) )