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Fusion with Python 3 in Linux

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Fusion with Python 3 in Linux


Post by mranim8or »

Has anyone had any luck using Python 3 in Fusion 9 in Linux (in our case, CentOs Linux). Lua and Python2 work fine here, but if I go into a Console tab and switch to Py3 I get "Python 3.6 not found." I verified Python 3.6.2 is installed on this computer in Linux, and if I dual boot over to Windows then Py3 works fine in Fusion. Do I need to set up some sort of Linux environment variable or configure Fusion in some way to make it work?

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Seth Goldin
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Re: Fusion with Python 3 in Linux


Post by Seth Goldin »

Hi there,

Apologies if this thread isn't the correct spot for this, but I'm now running into this exact issue with Python 3.6 inside Resolve 15.2 Studio on CentOS Linux 7.3 [BMD's custom ISO]. Has anyone figured this out?

I installed Python 3.6.6 via IUS, and can access it fine in Terminal, but when I try to switch to Python 3 inside the Console inside Resolve, I get a warning that Python 3 isn't installed.

I did set the environmental variables:

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$ printenv | grep python
Any ideas?

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Re: Fusion with Python 3 in Linux


Post by mroche »

Try my solution from here:
https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/view ... 55#p440850

Also make sure your Fusion preferences are set to Python 3.