Tweaking Camera Tracks - se_TrackTweaker

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Tweaking Camera Tracks - se_TrackTweaker


Post by SirEdric » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:59 am

Hi Folks.

Fusion's CameraTracker is doing quite a nice job.
But then, when you've carefully chosen the Origin and X/Z Plane from the pointcloud and exported the track,
sometimes you end up with the need to tweak the 3D Scene.
(Like when the export ended up with Y facing downwards,
or some minor adjustments need to made to the Orientation so that the groundplane *really* lines up with the actual ground in the shot.)

So one way to do that is:
- add a Transform3D behind the last Merge3D of the Export
- View the Transform and tweak the Rotation to your liking.
- Copy the X/Y/Z values
- Set the CameraTrack to "Unaligned"
- Subtract the Transform's XYZ values from the respective values of the Camera Track.
- Set the Camera Track to "Aligned"
- Update Export

An easier way to achieve the same is to add se_TrackTweaker behind the last Merge3D of the Export.
After all it's just a basic Transform3D, with one tiny addon....the "Update Export" button at the top.
So now you can:
- View the TrackTweaker and tweak the Rotation to your liking.
- Click "Update Export" on the TrackTweaker.

This is WIP, so some restrictions apply:
- There must be one (and only one) CameraTracker in the comp.
- The Tweaker tool must be named "trackTweaker" (and nothing else)
- Currently Rotation and Translation are supported.
- use at your own risk...:-)


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