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Posting 101 - please read this (at least once)...

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Posting 101 - please read this (at least once)...


Post by SecondMan »

Hi all,

A couple of posting guidelines for this forum, and how to best make use of all its features...

Before posting a new topic, please search for similar ones. Certain topics come back all the time, and further down the line it would be great if similar ideas are consolidated in single threads. The admins read most (if not all) of the topics here and will merge where appropriate, but bonus points for doing it yourself. ;)

Be descriptive in your topic titles! There are good reasons for the fact that a topic title can be longer than two words. More people will immediately be likely to find your topic interesting or relevant, but more important it will be easier to find topics again, years after they have been posted, inbetween tens of thousands of others (even after only a few months of this forum being created we're well on our way to 3000 posts...)

While we're talking about topic titles; try to use tags in your topic titles. Even though this forum doesn't have a searchable dedicated tagging system (perhaps in the future it will), it's easy to write meaningful tags that can make later searching so much easier. Examples already in use are [Script] [Fuse] [Macro] [TIP] [BUG] and [SOLVED]. Add that last one to your opening topic if you feel someone solved an issue to your satisfaction, or BMD did an update that fixed an issue you had pointed out in a previous version.

Now some fun bits to make the forum suck even less:

This forum uses what's called BBCodes, which are tags that you put around some text to stylize it. Simple examples are

Code: Select all

[i]for italic text[/i]
[b]for bold text[/b]
[img]for adding an image[/img]
[url]for adding a clickable url[/url]

There are a few custom ones which are less common, like

Code: Select all

[spoiler]for hiding something in a collapsed box[/spoiler] and
[warning]for highlighting extremely important not-to-be-missed information[/warning]
Now for the really useful stuff. When talking about a problem and expecially when describing it, it's ALWAYS a good idea to include an example. It can be an entire Fusion comp, or a couple of nodes. Fusion, and this forum, make this really easy to do, because all nodes are stored as ASCII text : just select your nodes, copy to clipboard, and in your post paste them inbetween code tags, like this:

[code]your nodes go here[/code]

It will make your post all the more attractive. :)

Also, this forum allows you to use a huge amount of upload space (just be reasonable and don't abuse it please), and supports all file formats relevant to Fusion. So you can upload .comp files, .setting, .eyeonscript, etc. You can, but you don't need to convert them to .zip before uploading.

You can upload images as well for displaying in your posts. You can obviously post to a third party host and link from here, but uploading them to the forum helps avoiding dead links in the future, when an external asset is possibly taken offline...

And one word about quoting posts. Some posts can be fairly long and contain a lot of different information. Quoting entire posts like that can really clutter a topic. So please think twice before doing it, and - because of course We Suck Less - use our custom quoting system instead: https://www.steakunderwater.com/wesuckl ... 664#p15664

Hope this helps. Happy posting!