The most friendly Fusion 16 requests list

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The most friendly Fusion 16 requests list


Post by Movalex » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:23 am

I made a small feature requests list for Fusion 16. This is created based on my vision, Pirates of ConFusion requests channel and the ones I have found here on WSL.
The very idea is to sum up existing requests and reports that we consider important for the next generation Fusion — and present it in a readable format to Blackmagic Design support. I know about WSL Wish List existence, but I believe single document is more devs-friendly thing. Besides, Github is a good place for collaboration, and we can speak with developers in their language.
Actually I'm against the idea of dropping potentially huge themes as a short sentences, like 'give us PBR' of 'add redshift plugin'. The big requests has to be accompanied by the brief explanation why it is important and where it should be used. Obviously in some parts I have failed this intention... The most discussed theme is new UI, so it is the largest in the list. There's also a couple of bugreports.
I would really appreciate if someone could check this for typos, grammar, wrong terms usage, or maybe add something clearly missing. Screenshots and screencasts are highly welcomed.
You can edit directly and propose changes or just choose Fork, and I will add you to the collaborators list.