My English is not good. Here are some suggestions for the future of ours fusion.

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My English is not good. Here are some suggestions for the future of ours fusion.


Post by Joelauduo » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:49 pm

No post in the wish section, I am afraid that the post will not be seen by everyone.
Hope for future versions:

At present, each module has a custom node, but it is not friendly enough. It is not easy to use for artists. Some of the functions suggested below may be implemented by custom tools, but they are troublesome.

1. At present, the software interface is a little beautiful, but the function of customization is much weaker.

2. We hope to add vector tracking functions like nuke and flame, which are of great use.

3. Improve the 3D module, add model vertex editing, multi-set of user-defined UV channels, ABC files currently more than 2 to 4 G files will fail to import, while introducing ABC multi-channel editing use, more perfect ABC support, such as hair particle point cloud, 3D retime tools, VDB read and render (can be combined with third-party plug-ins), etc. Can third-party physical renderers, such as Vray and redshift, be supported in rendering? At present, rendering is good, but advanced rendering is still weak.

4. For 3D tracking, for example, 3D model tracking, image-based face reconstruction and vertex deformation tracking are added.

5. Particle module, 3-D module, real 3-D model mapping emission, real inheritance of 3-D model velocity information movement, adding frequency frequency control function to turbo disorder field, path flow path following field and so on.

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I love fusion and don't want such good software to die. I hope he will become more easy to use and perfect.