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Integrated Script Debug Console Icon Resources Fail to Load

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Integrated Script Debug Console Icon Resources Fail to Load


Post by AndrewHazelden » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:21 pm

Fusion version:

Fusion Studio 16 and Fusion in DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

OS and version:

MacOS 10.13, Windows 10, and CentOS 7.6

Additional relevant system info:

Description of the bug:

The Fusion Standalone based "Integrated Script Debug Console" window fails to load the breakpoint, step into/step out/step over, and go buttons in the Console window GUI.

You can see the Integrated Script Debug Console is included as a notable key feature in the Fusion 16 Feature Comparison Chart under the "Node Based Interface" section. It's listed as one of the selling points of Fusion's powerful scripting capabilities.

To quote that page "Integrated Script Debug Console. Step through code, set breakpoints and have multiple scripts open at the same time."

Fusion Features - Integrated Script Debugger.png

Severity (Trivial, Minor, Major, Critical)


Script debugging is broken and I can't step through scripts to debug errors.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1. Start Fusion.

Step 2. Open the Console window.

Step 3. The Integrated Script Debug Console icon resources aren't present in the Console in Fusion 16 or Resolve 16/16.1.

Breakpoint Icons Missing.png

Please, if possible, provide a Fusion setup to help demonstrate the behaviour, either as an attachment or between [code] tags:

This appears to be a Console window rendering glitch as the resources are present in the Skins:/Fusion.fuskin file that ships with Fusion 16.

Script Debug Icons.png
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Re: Integrated Script Debug Console Icon Resources Fail to Load


Post by Midgardsormr » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:18 pm

If I recall correctly, the Debug Console was actually a separate floating window in addition to the main Console View.

I agree; I'd really like to have that back. Particularly since it's still being advertised as a feature. Not sure why it's listed under Node Based Interface, though.