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Fusion 16 and Deadline

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Fusion 16 and Deadline


Post by athombomb »

Just wondering if anyone has Fusion 16 up and running with Deadline? I'm aware Fusion has it's own network rendering solution but the studio I'm at uses Deadline and I don't want conflicting network rendering going on.

If someone has it running it would be great if they could share information about how to get it working.

I've done some google searching and information seems pretty sparse and I apologise if this topic has come up before.

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Re: Fusion 16 and Deadline


Post by nufu »


We have fusion running through Deadline.

To submit the job, just run the Fusion submitter in the Deadline repo, it then adds a menu item to send the job in Fusion.

All seems to work fine, but it is very picky about if the fusion/fusion render executable is running before it starts a job.

You have to set the FusionServer service to manual, so that Deadline can start it by itself. I find it useful to have a batch of render nodes that just process Fusion jobs (not user workstations)

Also, I have set all the Fusion Rendernode preferences to disable GPU rendering, as most of ours are just headless without a GPU. I seem to get different image outputs if some are GPU and some are CPU. Camera tracking seems to use gpu, so keep that in mind (it fails instantly if it doesn't have a gpu)

It's also worth setting the job tasks to something higher than 1, as it stops Fusion loading/unloading on each render. For animations I do 25 tasks per node and that seems to work well (and you can pinpoint the frame chunk of which server renders bad if necessary)

Just make sure the render nodes have all plugins etc installed as well (and I just copy the Reactor install of my machine to each node rather than fiddle with path maps)

Anything else just ask.